Become a Ventumgear Affiliate

Become an Affiliate Of Ventumgear

Email us at Subject "Affiliate" and we will get the process started for you.

Turn your valuable Website or blog traffic into earnings!  If your site is about outdoor or tactical gear, or closely related, then we’d like to talk to you about earning commissions as a affiliate.

It’s simple:  if you refer a visitor from your Website or blog to our Website, and they make a purchase, you get a commission. You get 10% of the total sale before tax and shipping. 

How does it work?

Sign up as an affiliate and we’ll supply you with a PromoCode. You place it on your Website or blog in highly visible areas. You can use any way you feel would be great to get your visitors to our website. Once you have achieved this you just need to communicate to your visiots that they have to apply the PromoCode at checkout. Your PromoCode is linked to your account with us and you will have access to your affiliate account to see how much commission you have earned. Simply go to and register or login.

Need help or advice? We won’t leave you dangling.

If you have any questions how it works please do not hesitate to email us at .

We’ll give you professional help you get more traffic to your Website– and make more commissions.

Clearly, we have an interest in helping you be a successful affiliate.  And we can help you in several ways.  More traffic to your Website or Blog or Instagram Page or… = more commissions!

How do you get paid?

You will be an independent contractor who will get paid at the end of each month for total sales credited to you during the previous month. For example, if your January sales were $1,000 your 10% commission of $100 would be paid at the end of February. We pay via Paypal. So you’ll need a Paypal account ready when you sign up as an affiliate.  Please note that occasionally we may offer discount or a “sale” price.  Your commission will be based on the net sale amount.

Track your Affiliate program status from your desktop

Login to your Affiliate page and your program status and statistics are at your fingertips. ( )

  • Track your sales and commissions.
  • Review the history of our payments to you.
  • Track impressions (how many clicks on your creatives) and where they came from.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

There are some industry-standard Terms and Conditions that apply to acceptance into our Affiliate Program and, once accepted, your ongoing affiliate status.  Read our Affiliate Terms & Conditions.  When you set up your Affiliate account you’ll be asked to confirm that you’ve read and acknowledge our Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

Our generous 30-day cookies protect you.

As you may already know, visitors to online stores don’t always make a purchase on their first visit. Some people like to think things over for a while.  They may even come back several times before buying.  That’s why we pass their Web browser a “cookie” that identifies their computer, and that they came from your Website. If they visit our site later– even if they bypass your site and come to us directly– and they make a purchase within 30 days of their first visit, you still get a commission.  Some affiliate programs take advantage of affiliates by restricting the life of the cookie to ridiculous short times– even 24 hours– to rip you off.  YOU brought that traffic, and you should be rewarded for it!


If your commissions in any calendar year are $600 or more we are required to send you– and the IRS– an IRS Form 1099-Misc. You are responsible for paying all applicable taxes on your commissions. When you sign up as a new affiliate we’ll snail mail you a paper IRS form W-9 to complete and return to us.